Glossy & Stardust Polypro Series

This polypro is specially made to be MORE bouncy, MORE responsive, and naturally more GRIPPIER.

We had to change the FORMULATION of the polypro in order to CREATE these attributes.
These attributes can have side effects that can affect this tubing - it is MORE delicate in COLDER temperatures,
it can crack with impacts on hard surfaces, so, please LOVE your hoop and treat it special.
Regardless these hoops will be your favorite in your collection!

When you whip this hoop out people are going to beg you to try it out, and you may not get it back.
Seriously it's like the Tesla of hoop tubing.

The current processing time for custom hoops is 2-4 days!

If you would like inside sanding - leave a note at checkout! 
If you would like grip tape added - visit the "Add Ons" Section! 

18" - 23" inch mini hoops will be riveted shut (will not come apart) 
24" - 35" inch hoops will be made with a push-button connection

We measure OD!