Sponsored Hooper Aspen - @aspenflows

Aspen here! 
I’ve been hooping since August 1st, 2018. Hooping has helped me express my emotions in ways that I didn’t know were possible, it’s become a stress reliever, and mainly helped me become confident in all aspects of my life. I show my hoops off to the world by bringing them with me everywhere!

FestivalTreasures Hoops I rock: 
My very own Aspenflows sectional hoop
5/8 Green Calcite
5/8 Dreamin' Color-Shift 

5/8 Metallic Sunflower Yellow
5/8 Tanzanite Color-Shift

5/8 Rainforest Green 
Silver Reflective Hoop
5/8 UV Orange
5/8 Mint
5/8 Glow in the Dark
5/8 Poseidon 


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