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Synergy FlowArts Reflective Firehoop | Screw-In Wicks

Synergy FlowArts Reflective Firehoop | Screw-In Wicks

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Matching a stunning, ultra-bling tape job with the world's most notorious firehoop will result in a spectacle like no other. Our Reflective-taped Firehoops pop with exceptional brightness bringing your audience's experience to an unprecedented level. Synergy firehoops are not only the absolute best in class but also the #1 most-trusted & best-selling in the world.

Our fire hoop wicks (different from our Quick Wicks®) screw in & out of the tubing and are worry-free-secure. Firehoops do not come with wicks. Choose your preferred wicks here.


  • Ultra-light design (for a reflective-taped hoop)
  • 3,4,5, or 6 spaces for our Screw-in Wicks
  • Choose your tubing size, hoop size, wick count, and tape style
  • Unbreakable push-button connector for coiling & travel
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

*3M Grip Tape 
Optional roll of Clear 3M Silicone Grip Tape is not applied to the hoop.
Width: approximately 0.33" Length: hoop's inside circumference

Firehoops do not come with wicks. Choose your preferred wicks here.

Why Festival Treasures?

  • built to last, high-quality hoops
  • speedy shipping
  • handcrafted with love
  • great customer service is our #1 goal!

Shipping Q's

  • Current build time is 3-5 Days
  • Shipping time does not include build time
  • Most hoops ship in boxes or in poly mailer bags with cardboard inserts
  • Built-to-Last with Love
  • Shipped Safely & Securely
  • Ships from Salem Oregon

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