Flow Ruts: Tips to get out of them!

Flow Ruts: Tips to get out of them!

How do you get out of a flow rut? Do you feel like you’re stuck in your repetitive ways? That’s totally okay! We all go through this as flow artists. Sometimes muscle memory takes over and we do the same tricks over & over or we just haven’t been inspired to learn something new! 

Here are some tips to get out of that flow rut:
1. New music! Personally I thought this tip was overrated until I actually tried it for myself! Sometimes new music or a different genre than what you normally listen to really brings out a new groove. Switch it up and find a different playlist or genre. Or cut the music out all together and explore your silent flow. 
2. Learn new tricks or combos! With all the resources out there like Instagram tutorials, YouTube tutorials, and websites like hoop-trix.com, you are bound to find something you haven’t learned yet! 
3. Pick up a brand new prop or a different sized prop! I love switching up my hoop sizes and exploring a new flow. Or learn multiples, like minis, doubles or juggling with triples! 
4. Take a workshop or hoop class! Or if you have a local flow community, go attend a hoop jam and make new friends! Being around other flow artists is fun, an opportunity to meet new flowmies in your area, and can inspire you to learn new combos or tricks you see others do.
5. Join a hoop challenge! You can find hoop challenges on Instagram and in the Facebook hoop groups. Hosts typically set up new tricks each day of the challenge and offer prizes to participants! Learn new tricks and potentially win some new props! 
6. Take a break! When you come back you may feel even more creative and excited about your practice.

Just remember it’s totally okay to be in a rut, especially the longer you’ve been flowing. I have been playing with hoops 7 years this month, I get in ruts all the time and these tips have helped me when I haven’t felt like picking them up. 

Do you have any tips? Leave them down below, I’d love to hear them! 

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