Collection: All Colored Polypro

If you would like inside sanding - leave a note at checkout

18" - 23" inch mini hoops will be permanently riveted shut
24" - 35" inch hoops will be made with a push-button connection

We measure Outer Diameter (OD) 

  • 5/8 Polypro:

    Super lightweight, fast, and bouncy, 5/8 Polypro is perfect for tricks, tech, and popular among hoop jugglers for juggling.

    Experience the perfect balance between weight and responsiveness. Our 5/8 Polypro hoops provide a seamless flow, allowing you to execute tricks and transitions effortlessly.

  • 3/4 Polypro:

    Lightweight, sturdy, and lightning-fast, 3/4 Polypro will soon become your favorite hoop!

    The lightweight nature of our 3/4 Polypro hoops allows for fluid and dynamic movements. Explore our collection of 3/4 Polypro hoops and find the perfect match for your flow arts journey.

  • 11/16 Polypro:

    11/16 is the Goldilocks tubing, thinner than 3/4 but thicker than 5/8.

    This tubing is sturdy yet bouncy, thanks to its thicker wall. This size is popular for on-body, circus-style, splits. Embrace the unique characteristics of these hoops, combining sturdiness and bounce for a one-of-a-kind flow tool.

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Whether you're a hoop dance enthusiast, a fire performer, or just starting your flow journey, our polypro hoops are versatile enough to enhance your skills and take your performances to the next level. The lightweight design and responsive nature of our hoops allow for dynamic movements, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of flow arts disciplines.

Choose the diameter & grip type to create a personalized flow tool that suits your individual style and performance needs.