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@FanofHoop 3 Piece Juggling Sectional Hoops

@FanofHoop 3 Piece Juggling Sectional Hoops

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3 Piece Sectional Juggling Hoops - Breaks down into 3 pieces and made with lightweight & seamless hardware making them great to take your juggling hoops anywhere. 

 "These hoops are perfect for hoop juggling, coin flips, and balance. All the tricks come easier with a perfectly balanced, lightweight hoop. This special design is sturdy without the heavy unevenness of a traditional single rivet. Plus, FestivalTreasure's connections and customer service are unmatched." - Anna @fanofhoop on Instagram 

Wanna follow the expert's advice? Anna's hoops are 27" OD, 5/8 Polypro + inside sanding. With Ghost Rivets & EZ Clips. 

  • 3 Piece Sectional Travel Hoops (breaks down into 3 pieces)
  • made with lightweight gear: EZ Clips and Ghost Rivets 
  • made with strong polycarb connectors 
  • designed to fit together in a specific order

 Customize your own: 

  • Choose your color(s) - get all matching like Anna or mix & match
  • Choose your hoop diameter 
  • Choose your grip 
  • Choose your hoop hardware 
  • Choose your set number (need more than 6? email me) 

Use Anna's code "FANOFHOOP" to save 10% and support your favorite flow artist.
Book Anna or attend one of her hoop classes here --

Need hoops over 30"? Want a 4 or 5 piece sectional? Contact us! 

Why Festival Treasures?

  • built to last, high-quality hoops
  • speedy shipping
  • handcrafted with love
  • great customer service is our #1 goal!

Shipping Q's

  • Current build time is 3-5 Days
  • Shipping time does not include build time
  • Most hoops ship in boxes or in poly mailer bags with cardboard inserts
  • Built-to-Last with Love
  • Shipped Safely & Securely
  • Ships from Salem Oregon

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