What hula hoop should I get?

 What hula hoop should I get? What hula hoop size is the best for me? I am a beginner, what hoop do I start with?
These are questions I get asked all the time! So I made a flow chart to help!

If you haven't hula hooped since grade school gym class then I would follow with the newbie arrow. If your friend has let you play with theirs and you can't wait to get your own, I would follow the 'some experience' arrow. 


Polypro (polypropylene):

  • Lightweight, responsive, & bouncy
  • Great for off-body tricks & dance hoops
  • Comes in a variety of colors or you can get any of our taped hoops made with polypro!

    Check out our colored polypro collection 
(high density polyethylene):

  • Robust, durable, & shatterproof
  • Nice, lighter-weight beginner hoops.

    Get any of our taped hoops made with HDPE. View all our beginner hoops here
PE - (poly or polyethylene):

  • Highly durable & sturdy
  • Ideal for exercise & weighted beginner hoops
  • Our PE Beginner Hoops are wrapped in pretty deco tape & grippy gaffer tape - variety of options available here

3/4" OD tubing: about the thickness of your thumb (thicker)
5/8" OD tubing:  about the thickness of your pinky (thinner) 

If you're wanting to learn waist hooping and more of the basics: I would suggest a PE beginner hoop! PE is perfect for beginners (or those that want to get an exercise hoop) because it is super sturdy, will help keep the momentum going, and help build muscle memory. Measure from your belly to the floor to get your size! 

If you've got the basics down: but want something more bouncy but still durable - I would suggest an HDPE hoop! A taped HDPE hoop is the perfect downsize from your PE beginner hoop. All of our dazzling taped hoops can be made with HDPE! 

If you're wanting to skip the basics and learn more tricky & dance-y moves: I would highly recommend a Polypro hoop! Polypro is lightweight and bouncy, resulting in quicker movement. Head over to our Colored Polypro section and check out all the pretty options!

Links for hoops shown:
1st photo: 

Poseidon Color-Shift Polypro
Moon Beam Reflective Taped Hoop
Translucent Pink-Violet Polypro

2nd photo: 
Pink Glass Polypro
Purple Amethyst Glass Polypro
Sunflower Yellow Polypro

3rd photo:
Holographic Taped Beginner Hoop 
(silver & lavender holographic tape shown)

4th photo:
HDPE Beginner Hoops