Hula hooping is fun, gets your heart rate up, and improves flexibility and strength! Hooping is not just an ab workout, but a total body workout! Hooping has been proven to burn over 400 calories per hour by the American Council on Exercise. Pick up your hoop and feel the burn!  

Besides the great physical benefits, hula hooping is a fun hobby! It is amazing for your mental health to have something that fulfills you with no pressure of making other people happy! Hooping, just like any other sport or hobby, can be anything you need it to be - big or small, a tool you can use to center yourself before or after a long day, a stress reliever, or a healthy activity you enjoy with your friends and family. 

Check out our beginner hoop flow charthere!

Current build time for custom hoops is 3-5 days. Fire hoop orders may take up to 5-10 days, depending on order queue.

I love making custom one of a kind hoops! If you don't see what you're looking for, message me and let's make it happen! I love expanding my shop - contact me if there's a hoop color you want & I will be happy to get it for you!

We always measure OD (outer diameter). If you would like us to measure ID, leave a note at checkout with your desired size. 

1. Let your hoop lay flat & uncoiled for 1-2 hours before connecting & playing. In the sun or a warm spot (near a space heater or vent, etc) is perfect! This is the best right after opening & receiving your hoop! 
2. Let hoop hang unconnected from your hoop hanger, a doorknob or other hanger - let gravity do the work!  Hang it opposite of the connection
3. Stand with your hoop upright and roll the curvy parts on the ground in back & forth motion.
Polypro hoops may need an additional few hours to uncoil and breathe, depending on size. HDPE hoops take shape pretty quickly after a good hoop sesh.
As always, your hoop will take shape the more you play with it! Happy hooping!¬†‚̧

Polypro hoops are light, bouncy, & super responsive. These hoops are amazing for all types of tricks & dance. Polypro hoops come in a variety of sizes, diameters, & colors! Great for all types of hoop styles: single hoop for dance, performance hoops, minis, juggling, & tech.
Ideal sizes: 25"-34" OD
minis: 18"-24" OD

HDPE is more rigid, robust, and durable, making it great for beginner hoopers. These hoops have just the right weight & density to help build muscle memory. If you know how to waist hoop or trying to downsize from your PE hoop and want to learn more off-body tricks, go with an HDPE hoop. Any of our taped hoops can be made with HDPE tubing! 
Ideal sizes: 30" - 36" OD

PE tubing is most commonly used for beginner & fitness hoops. PE hoops are great for those who have never picked up a hoop and want to learn on-body core hooping. The weight makes it a great fitness hoop to get your body moving and heart rate up!
To find your PE hoop size: the ideal hoop size is one that reaches your belly button or chest - roughly 38" - 46" outer diameter, depending on your height. The bigger the hoop, the more you can slow down & groove!


In a box!We at FestivalTreasures don't want any hoops compromised with just shipping in bubblewrap. (Since we've switched to box shipping there has been VERY FEW customers that have come back and said their hoop arrived broken!) We like to keep it fun over here so your hoop will arrive in a pizza box!

Multiple hoops, 3+, will ship in a larger box.

Only sectional travel hoops will be mailed in a poly mailer bag, secured with extra bubble wrap! 

If your hoops are pre-made & ready to ship, they will ship within 1 business day, not including weekends or holidays.  
If your order includes a custom order it will ship in about 3-5 business days depending on the item, not including weekends or holidays.

Hoops shipped with USPS Priority Mail will arrive in 2-3 business days.*
*not guaranteed

U.S. shipping prices:
Standard (2-3 Day USPS Priority)¬†-$12.001-2 Days Expedited (USPS Priority Mail Express) -$45.00Multiple Hoops (2-3 Day USPS Priority) -$16.00Quad Hoops - Standard ( USPS Priority 2-3 days)¬†4.0 lb ‚Äď 5.0 lb¬†-$21.00Multiple Hoops (2-3 Day USPS Priority) 6.0 lb ‚Äď 7.0 lb -$25.00Multiple Hoops (2-3 Day USPS Priority) 8.0 lb ‚Äď 11.0 lb -$30.00Multiple Hoops (2-3 Day USPS Priority) 12.0 lb ‚Äď 15.0 lb -$40.00Shipping time frames listed are estimates and NOT a guaranteed time of delivery. Order volume, weather, holidays and other events can cause a package to be delayed.
Shipping prices may vary & change without notice - final shipping prices are at checkout*

Please contact us immediately if you need to make an address change.

YES.Signature confirmation is now an option at checkout. Signature confirmation means you will need to sign for your package with I.D. when your item is delivered. If you are not home when your items are delivered, you will need to take your tracking number to your post office to pick your items up. Typically USPS leaves pink slips including details - sometimes they redeliver or you can pick up your items 
This way ensures that you get your items. 

Salem, Oregon, United States

Canada orders will ship thru UPS Worldwide Expedited. It is more pricey however it arrives faster & is more reliable than USPS International. 

Shipments to Canada are subject to Canadian import duties, sales taxes (general and provincial). and UPS brokerage fees It is YOUR responsibility to know the amount of these taxes and duties. FestivalTreasures will NOT accept return of refused packages and will NOT issue refunds on orders to Canada.

WHEN TO PAY: When your package enters customs in Canada, UPS will call you and tell you what duties, taxes and brokerage fees are due. They will ask you then if you want to pay them with a credit card in advance. If you don't, you'll have to pay an additional "COD" fee upon delivery.

Of course! Again, international orders will ship through UPS Worldwide Expedited. It is more reliable in my experience, making the cost worth it. 

We are not responsible for customs/import fees. It is the responsibility of the customer to RESEARCH and UNDERSTAND the import duties put forth by their respective country.  We DO NOT research this for you ahead of time and will not notify you of what you will owe by the customs office in your country.  

International customers - If shipping costs more than what you paid, your order may be cancelled & refunded and/or we will reach out to you to receive the difference.

FestivalTreasures is not responsible for wrong addresses. Refunds or replacements will not be issued by FT on items that are returned or misdelivered.
If your package is returned to us, you will need to pay for the additional shipping charges.

PLEASE double check to make sure you have put in the correct shipping address. We are NOT responsible for packages being delivered to the wrong address. If you have made a mistake, please contact us immediately.


Please contact me ASAP if you'd like to make changes to your order. As long as I have not started on your order, changes to order may be accepted - ie. size/diameter changes, color changes, address change, etc.

Cancellations must be requested within 1 hour of purchase. No cancellations will be accepted after that, for any reason.

Refunds & returns will be reviewed and processed only with the shop's discretion, as each case varies.

Ready to ship hoop sales are final.
All sales are final on hoops purchased during sales (flash sales, seasonal sales, Black Friday, ect)

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, 
please request a refund within 24 hours of delivery. No refund requests will be accepted after 24 hours of delivery - no exceptions. 
Within 7 business days from the date of delivery, you may return your items for a refund - no returns will be accepted after 7 days. If you do not send items back within 7 days, no refund will be issued.

No restocking fee for Quick Wicks or Kevlar sleeves, as long as the product is in unused condition. For Quick Wicks exchanges, hold on to the Nut-Driver, as we do not include one with replacement/exchanged Quick Wicks.25% restocking fee on day hoops, sectionals, & all other custom made hoops may be applied Only unused (not burnt) fire props may be returned/exchanged.Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns & exchanges, unless the item is being covered by warranty.Once the item is received, we'll email you to settle up if there are price differences and any money needs to be refunded or received.Always include your name & email in the package along with the return.

Your refund for your items will be issued once the item is returned and inspected. Original shipping costs will not be refunded. Shipping costs associated with items being returned will not be paid by the shop or refunded.

Items will be inspected before a refund is issued. If there is any potential wear from use or any other apparent damage, a 20% repair fee will be deducted from your refund.

If shipping instructions are not followed and items come back with damage from shipping, no refund will be issued.

We will NOT issue a refund simply because "I don't like it" or "This isn't what I wanted". Message us if you have any questions about our listings. Please be certain on your order before placing it. Make sure you leave us a note in your order if you would like something specific. 

About Restocking Fees:
25% restocking fee on day & fire hoops may be issued. No restocking fee on kevlar sleeves or unused wicks. Since most of our products are custom-made-to-order, each one is completely unique. Once returned, a custom prop can sit around indefinitely waiting for someone who wants those exact specs. The restocking fee allows us to reduce the price to help incentivize someone else to bring it home and love it.  

Due to the custom nature of each order, exchanges are not accepted at this time.

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