Apply to be a Sponsored Hooper


Are you active in the hoop community? Do you believe you could be a fun & positive addition to a sponsee team? Do you want to represent your favorite hoop shop? If yes, then go ahead and consider this as a chance to help yourself & your hoop maker! Our goal with this sponsorship arrangement is to have an equal partnership - you promote us and we promote you! ❤

By becoming apart of the team, you will
- have early access to all things new in the shop
- have opportunities for free hoops
- have a 10% off discount code to share with your followers/friends/fam
- have a 30% off PRIVATE discount code for sponsored hoopers only
We're giving you a 10% credit from purchases made with your discount code.
That's right, if a customer uses your discount code, you'll earn the 10% credit. Even though it's not a freebie, we think it's pretty great that we can pass on the savings to you.

- have a supportive sponsee team & hoop maker
- be representing a fun, growing company.
Follower count, number of views, and skills aren't everything to us - we want to see how passionate and active you are in the flow community!

We welcome & encourage people of all ages, genders, races, & ethnicities to apply. ❤

Please fill out the questionnaire linked below. At the end of the questionnaire, there will be a space to submit a video link so we can see your style & flow - it doesn't have to be a brand new video, it can be your favorite flow from your preferred hoop spot or even from your bedroom!

Thanks again for your interest, I look forward to getting to know you & reading your responses! If chosen for the team I will reach out to you via Instagram. 
Xo - Abbi at FestivalTreasures