Firehoop & Quick Wicks Warranty

Hoop & Firehoop Warranty

First, the fine print... i.e. what the warranty does not cover: 
Kinked tubing. Hoop tubing will kink if you bend it or put too much pressure on it. Whether the hoop gets into the wrong hands or the tubing kinks during coiling, it is the hoop owner's responsibility to thwart this catastrophe. 

Melted tubing. We understand the irony of a plastic fire prop, but there is no other kind of fire hoop. Yes, you can make a fire hoop out of metal tubing (aluminum, titanium, etc), but if you've ever hooped with a metal hoop, you know why they're made out of plastic. It is completely the user's responsibility to avoid melting the tubing

Broken spines. Our spines are made from stainless steel aircraft cable (aka wire rope). It's the best material for spines. It is rigid but also flexes, absorbs impact and is very hard to break (1,890 lb tensile strength). However, no matter what material it is, steel, plastic, stone, etc... repeated heating & cooling will make any material more brittle. Drops, missed-tosses and other impacts will be what finally break one or two of the strands that make up a steel cable. If a strand breaks, stop using your fire hoop and replace the spine. The health and well-being of your spines is completely up to you. We've seen fire hoop and Quick Wick spines last indefinitely, so take care of your gear and remember it's not indestructible.  The bright side: spines/wicks are replaceable.  
Damaged Threads. Take care when threading your spines into the fire hoop so that you do not cross-thread. This will damage the internal threading of the inserts. These are like every other screw-into-a-nut situation, you must line it up straight. If your threads don't catch nicely, back-out and try again. Do not force it.
Wick. This is the material that is consumable (intentionally and repeatedly lit on fire), so it cannot be warrantied. For most of our fire products, the wick is replaceable. There are also maintenance practices to help prolong the life of your wick. See our Repair & Wick Maintenance section for details. 

1 Year Limited Warranty

Cracked Hoop Tubing is covered under our Act of Nature Half-Price Replacement Policy. If your hoop or fire hoop tubing cracks (not kinks), we will cover half of the repair or replacement cost. Do not let your polypro tubing freeze!  Unfastened Fire hoop Nut can occur by a hard hit to the ground right on the wick.  We will repair this on-the-house if customer covers shipping costs both ways.

The Quick Wick Lifetime Warranty
This warranty covers our Manufacturing, which includes the welded and swaged parts. Contact us if these elements fail. We will send you a replacement Quick Wick along with a pre-paid postage label for returning the defective item. 

The Quick Wick® Half-Price Replacement Policy:

Any used or damaged Quick Wick may be returned for a half-price replacement, regardless of age. 

Domestic & international customers alike must pay postage associated with half-price replacements. Cut out the wick and send only the metal. A set of 5 Quick Wicks without wicks weigh 2.9 ounces / 80 grams which will ship for $4 via USPS First-Class mail (within U.S.). 

There are two ways to do this:
  • Send in Quick Wicks (address below in next section) and we'll email you a gift card via email for half-price replacements. Don't forget to include your name and email.
  • Purchase new Quick Wicks and send in your old ones (within 30 days, please include name & email). We will refund your order for the appropriate amount. (Fastest method)




  • All sales final after 30 days.
  • 25% restocking fee for all returned or exchanged fire hoops 
  • No restocking fee for Quick Wicks, Ready-ship items, or Kevlar sleeves, etc as long as the product is in unused condition. For Quick Wicks exchanges, hold on to the Nut-Driver, as we do not include one with replacement/exchanged Quick Wicks.
  • Only unused (not burnt) fire props may be returned/exchanged.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns & exchanges, unless the item is being covered by warranty.
  • Once the item is received, we'll email you to settle up if there are price differences and any money needs to be refunded or received.
  • Always include your name & email in the package along with the return.