Collection: Fire Hoops

Fire Hoops, Quick Wicks, & more!

Time-tested, unparalleled craftsmanship and a fully customizable design continue to set these fire hoops apart from the rest, keeping them the #1 most-trusted & best-selling fire hoop in the world.

  • Quick Wicks:

    • make any hoop a fire hoop
    • easily interchangeable - change your fire hoop size as your regular hoop size evolves
    • several clamp sizes to fit a variety of hoop diameters
    • easy to attach to bare or taped hoops
  • Screw-In Wick Fire Hoop:

    • one designated fire hoop
    • removable wicks screw in & out of the tubing
    • designed for optimal balance
    • ultra light design to spin for hours
  • The choice is yours.

    Alright, Hoop Rockstars, whether you're vibing with the versatility of quick wicks or grooving with the precision of screw-in wick fire hoops, the choice is yours. It's like choosing the dance floor for your hoop routine—go where your heart (and hips) take you!

Whichever type of fire hoop you choose, always prioritize safety, follow proper fire safety protocols, and enjoy the thrilling artistry of fire hooping responsibly.