A few questions I see a lot is “Can I travel with my hoops?” or “How do I bring my hoop on an airplane?” 

I’m here to bring you good news - YES you can bring your hoops on a plane and yes your hoops can go wherever you go! This includes regular and LED hoops! 

From my experience, traveling with hoops is easier than you might think. Whether you are going to a music festival, traveling across the country, or headed to your next hoop retreat, here are some tips for traveling with your hoops! 

HOOPS ON AN AIRPLANE: Going through an airport with your hoops sounds stressful but let me assure you that it's not!

Preparing for travel: Whether you are traveling with multiple or a single hoop, you are going to want to coil down your hoops. I would recommend coiling them down before you get to the airport so you are prepared, not rushed & causing a hold up in the security line.
Coil them down to about 20”-22” inches, no smaller than how they were shipped to you. Once you have them coiled down, you can secure it with velcro strips, reusable zip ties, tape, or whatever you have available! Secure it in at least 4-5 spots around the hoop. If you have a hoop huggie or hoop bag, feel free to put your hoops in there. You can attach your hoops to your bag or carry them separately through security. 

Going through security:
When your hoops are coiled down small enough, they can fit through the CT scanner - the X-Ray machine where your carry on bags are scanned. 
In other cases, TSA agents will take your hoops to be swabbed manually and they will give your items back after you’ve gone through the full body X-Ray machine. If you can't coil down your hoop, give your hoop to a TSA agent to manually check them. I’ve personally been in both of these situations. 

Once you’re on the plane, you can:
> put them under the seat in front of you
> put them in the overhead compartment with your bag
> or if you have the window seat place them between your seat & plane if there’s room.
Or if you’re in first class, you can ask your flight attendant to put them in the first class closet if there is room. 

If you have a sectional travel hoop, take it apart and place the pieces in your suitcase or carry on bag! Easy peasy! 

Once you get off your flight or to your destination, uncoil your hoop as soon as possible! Leaving your hoop coiled down longer than needed can misshape your hoop. 

HOOPS IN A VEHICLE: Driving to your next festival? In the past, I would wait until the rest of the car is packed and place my hoops on top so they wouldn’t get crushed or kinked with unnecessary weight on top of them. Or I would place them upright against the door. Basically any method works as long as there isn’t heavy camping equipment or other items on top of your hoops.
I’ve also had friends bungee their hoops on the ceiling of their car. They would rig the bungees on the coat hooks in an X shape and place the hoops between the bungees and ceiling. 
As long as your hoops don’t get crushed they should be okay while you make it to your destination! 
Once you get to the festival, have your vehicle emptied & have your campsite set up, lay your hoops flat in your vehicle or in your tent. Hot temperatures can misshape your hoops if they are in a weird position so it's best you lay them flat! 

So the next time you are planning your next adventure, don't stress and remember these tips! Happy Hooping! 
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