Sponsored Hooper Michelle - @electric_shivers

Hi I'm Michelle, I’m an artist from Madison, Wisconsin! I’m a massage therapist, with a passion for natural healing. I’ve been a flow artist for 5 years, roughly 4 have been spent as a hooper. I started to flow after attending my first music festival, I was feeling out of place, but then I was introduced to how accepting and beautiful the flow community is. I’ve been hooked ever since! Flow has helped me in so many ways, from making friends to becoming more confident in my own skin! I also love to hike, with my flow props of course, and do anything outside and active. 

FestivalTreasures Hoops I rock:
My very own Electric Shivers sectional hoop
Kaleidoscope Reflective Coinflip
UV Orange Glass
Glossy Purple & Blue Mini Hoops 



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