Sponsored Hooper Abi - @flux_and_fl0w

I'm Abi, I've been hooping for four years now! I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love flow arts so much; hooping has helped me work through all sorts of stress and has improved my focus on life. Hooping is a great physical workout and when I am done, I am done! Flow Arts has slowly taken over more and more of my life in a very positive way. I like to sing and dance and I enjoy walking dogs for the Humane Society where I volunteer.

FestivalTreasures Hoops I rock:
11/16 UV Yellow Quads
5/8 Stardust Aesthetic Sectional Hoop 
5/8 Onyx Stardust
5/8 Poseidon
5/8 UV Yellow 
5/8 UV Green



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