Beginner Hoops

HDPE Beginner Hoops: HDPE hoops are robust, very durable, and has just the right weight to help build muscle memory!
If you know how to waist hoop but want to learn more on-body basics and tricks, go with HDPE.
Any of our taped hoops in this collection can be made with HDPE tubing! 

PE Beginner Hoops: Brand new to hooping? Looking for a weighted fitness hoop for core hooping?
A PE beginner hoop is your best bet! With tape added to a PE hoop, it gives the perfect amount of weight to tone your core and get your heart rate up.
Core hooping is much easier with a large PE hoop. Measure the distance between your belly button or chest and the floor to see roughly what size you need. 

3/4" HDPE is about the thickness of your thumb (thicker / bigger)
5/8" HDPE is about the thickness of your pinky (thinner / smaller)
1" PE is the thicker than 3/4 HDPE (thickest / biggest) 

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Bigger hoops move slower, allowing you to slow down and practice. Smaller hoops move quicker, making you move quicker!

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The current build time for custom hoops is 2-4 days!