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HDPE & Polypro Beginner Hula Hoops with Colored Gaffer Tape - Best Seller

HDPE & Polypro Beginner Hula Hoops with Colored Gaffer Tape - Best Seller

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One of our best selling, budget-friendly hoops! 

1. Choose your size 
2. Choose your tubing diameter
3. Select your grip tape color(s) & tape style 

HDPE (White tubing)
~ Durable & robust, 
making it great for beginner hoopers! HPDE hoops are very durable, won't crack & shatter in cold weather, and are just the right weight to build muscle memory. 

Polypro (Clear Tubing) ~ Polypro, short for Polypropylene, is very light & bouncy. Polypro hoops are more responsive, resulting in quicker movements. Polypro hoops are great for tricks and dance. 

Tubing Sizes: 3/4 is thicker, 5/8 is thinner


  • 1 Color: Spiral - Spiral Ribbon around the hoop
  • Two Colors: Criss Cross Ribbon 
  • Rainbow: single spiral with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & purple

The bigger the hoop the slower it moves giving you a faster reaction time.
The smaller hoop the faster it moves giving you a shorter reaction time.
If you are learning to waist hoop I would recommend a bigger-sized hoop!

  • Built-to-Last with Love
  • Shipped Safely & Securely
  • Ships from Salem Oregon
  • Great Customer Service is our #1 goal!
  • Current build time is 3-5 Days
  • Need your hoop by a certain date? Tell us at checkout ♥

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paul Grabowski
Loving it so far

Thanks for the quick service, and nice hoop!

Brittany W Cawley
Love them.

I ordered two hdpe tubing and theyre perfect. I love that they're white, simple for practice, and neatly taped. Will purchase again.

Lauren Austin

Perfect hoop for on body practice!!!

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