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2 Piece Sectional Travel Polypro Hoop

2 Piece Sectional Travel Polypro Hoop

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These two-piece travel hoops break down into 2 sections that will allow you to fully unassemble for travels and adventures! Includes 2 push button connections made with strong polycarb inserts. Customize your own by leaving your color selections in the text boxes provided.

• choose your hoop size & diameter
• choose your color(s)
• choose your connection gear & velcro strap add on

  • Built-to-Last with Love
  • Shipped Safely & Securely
  • Ships from Salem Oregon
  • Great Customer Service is our #1 goal!
  • Current build time is 3-5 Days
  • Need your hoop by a certain date? Tell us at checkout ♥

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