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Quick Wick ® Iso - Fire Hoop Wicks

Quick Wick ® Iso - Fire Hoop Wicks


  • Crown Knot wick head, approx 1.25" tall, 1.5" wide
  • Approximately 1.5 ounces (about the weight of 6 quarters).
  • Stainless Steel construction for the best resistance to rust.
  • Cable-spine is extra stiff /rigid, like a rod.
  • Tested, secure and as safe as playing with fire gets!
  • Designed to last several lifetimes if properly cared for.
  • Hand-made in North Carolina, U.S.A.  
  • Purchase a Nut Driver separately, it's easier than a screwdriver as it grips the outside of the screw head.

Similar to our original Quick Wick, the Quick Wick Iso features a longer super rigid cable spine for suspending a flame roughly 8 inches from the clamp.  Use one, two, three or as many as you'd like... on the inside a hoop for mesmerizing isolations, on a Lyra, a bike, or whatever your creative mind can think of!  

Sold individually. Don't forget Kevlar Sleeves! 


    Quick Wick® Sizes
    Diameter of your tubing)
    Metric Tubing
    Sizes OD
    5/8" OD 14 - 16 mm
    11/16" OD 17 - 18 mm
    3/4" OD 19 - 20 mm
    7/8" OD 21 - 22 mm
    1" OD 23 - 26 mm

    If you are unsure of the Outside Diameter of your tubing (not hoop OD), please measure it. It is very important that you get the correct size Quick Wick®. Each clamp is specifically designed for certain tubing sizes. The increments are very small so precision counts.

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    • Built-to-Last with Love
    • Shipped Safely & Securely
    • Ships from Salem Oregon

    Customer Reviews

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    Erika Wood

    I absolutely LOVE this iso wick!! Flame lasted nearly 4 minutes!

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