Sectional Travel Hoops

Customize your own Travel Hoop! These travel hoops easily break down into multiple pieces - put them in your suitcase or backpack and you are set for your next adventure! 

Customizable travel hoops and preset travel hoops are available. Customize your own by leaving your colors in the text spaces provided. 
Every hoop is made with strong polycarb connectors. Each piece is designed to fit together in a specific order, we will let you know the order when you receive your hoop! While you may interchange the pieces, connections will be most flush when arranged in the original order.

The current build time for custom hoops is 3-5 days! Build times may vary.

If you would like inside sanding - leave a note at checkout! 
If you would like grip tape added - visit the "Add Ons" Section! 

*all sectional hoops, with the exception of two-piece travel hoops, will be mailed in poly mailer bags with extra bubble wrap*

We measure OD!